A Story of Shadows

organic concept marketing
About the client
"The Shadows of Duskland are infiltrating the other nations and smuggling their newly crafted garments of SHADOW CLOTHING."

MELANIN is a conceptual clothing brand that tells a fictional story through their clothing. With the release of their Shadow Clothing series they wanted to emphasize their storytelling brand identity through organic content marketing, contextual to the different media platforms.
Creative Direction
content strategy,
Apr 2014 - Mar 2015
  • tell the story of the concept while showing the clothes
  • tailor content for specific social media channels
  • direct models, photographers, content creators
  • clear communication with client about brand identity, style, and story behind the concept
  • analyze engaging content exhibition strategies on the different media channels  
  • set framework and allow for creative freedom
  • a gallery of 264 photos
  • 9 Instagram carousel posts
  • 20 page digital magazine
  • 3 social media ready videos
  • 3 custom color presets
  • 17 523 impressions, 908 average post reach, 1 597 likes, 165 comments, 22 new followers
  • 185% increase in website visitors, 4% conversions
  • client satisfaction
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